Local Boutiques.Local Boutiques.Local Boutiques.
To.Global Customers.To.Global Customers.
We have prepared MINT Platform for a long time
to help sellers to succeed globally.
How we connect?

We developed MINT Platform optimized for CBE. MINT Platform connects product and order information with the partners online store and Korean channels in real time through API.

Along with the flow of product information, we deliver the order to final customers through the global logistics it has built for 20 years when the partners send the order to the fulfillment hubs located in each country.

MINT Connect DiagramMINT Connect Diagram
Connect Service
Who’d connected
to us?

MINT Platform is applied competitive and wide-range API Application with every online store.

With internalized all the know-how of API Integration, MINT Platform connects the partners’ product and launches them to Korean channels.

All the partners do is provide us API and the specialized MINT Platform team handles all API integration processes.

Shopify Solution
Atelier Solution
Xmeg Solution
Dresscode Solution
Bee Store Solution
Our Clients
Why Korea Market?

South Korea is the 4th largest market for E-Commerce. The year-over-year growth of 9% between 2022 and 2023 and the online market penetration of 68% show that the e-commerce market is a key part of the Korean consumer market and the largest retail channel in the country.

4th Largest e-Commerce Market
Market Rank
$227 billion in 2023 sales
Market Size
9% year-over-year growth
2022 - 2023
53% purchased from global brands
Globalized Market
68% online penetration
Online Share
Korea Market
Why MINT Platform?

MINT Platform provides a boutique-friendly B2B Dropship-model.
We do not ask international shipping cost, return and commission but give the partners a faster turnover rate and less worries about overstock through over 10 Korean dominant channels connected to MINT Platform.

The partners achieve an average $200K of sales volume in each week (*It may depend on stock volume from each retailer) and get immediate payment service by contract of Invoice or Credit Card with the partners.

Other Platform
(Boutique Friendly Platform)
1~2 weeks
Payment Gateway
Shipping Cost
(Over $230)
Shipping Cost
(Under $230)
Not allowed
*only if defected or wrong items delivered
Return Rate
25% in general
*only if defected or wrong items delivered
1 Channel
10+ Channels
Our Value
Who is behind
MINT Platform?

MXN Commerce Group is the notable pioneer to introduce global E-Commerce Platform Business Model in South Korea since 2001.

The company has known to be the most stable and one of the biggest E-Commerce companies that has interacted with various global Brands and Boutiques.

The core value of company is focusing on connecting into “Mint M(Mega Cities) to N(Nations) platform service business model” based on the long market leader experiences in terms of IT structure, Global Distribution Strategy, and the strong global brands partnership.

Each of MXN network companies has connected into the platform system regarding Product Operation Management and Product Information Management.

More about MXN Commerce Group
MXN Commerce Group
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API Integration
Q. What if we uses our own solution, can we connect MINT Platform?
A. Yes, MINT Platform has a systematic IT department responsible for API integration, and has already experienced more than 10 different types of boutique’s own solutions.
API Integration
Q. What if we don’t have a solution for online store?
A. This is not a problem at all. If the boutique can provide any form of data feed without having the solution for the online store, MINT Platform IT department can develop it.
Q. How can we check and fulfill orders?
A. Since all order information will be sent automatically from MINT Platform to the boutique through API, the boutique can check orders in real time and proceed to fulfill them in their admin system.
Q. Should we ship orders to South Korea directly?
A. No, Since MINT Platform takes international shipping to South Korea, the boutique only ships orders to the nearest MINT Platform’s local hubs from the boutique location.
  • North America (New York)
  • Europe (Milan, London)
  • Asia (Seoul, Tokyo)
Q. How often orders should be shipped?
A. Boutique doesn't need to ship orders every day. Depending on the boutique’s delivery policy, the orders can be collected for a period of time and be shipped to MINT Platform in one package.
Market Channels
Q. Which market channels the boutique’s products will be shown?
A. MINT Platform has contracted with more than 10 Korean online marketplaces. These market channels display various categories of brands and products and main segmentation by each market channels wide ranges from Luxury to contemporary and outdoor. This gives the boutique a big part in increasing sales as well as grasping customer demand for different brands and products.
Market Channels
Q. Will end customers recognize us?
A. No, Since MINT Platform is a seller in South Korea market channels, the end customers purchase products from MINT Platform. Boutique information is guaranteed anonymity.